installation Q/A

Q. What preparation is necessary for installation?

A. Please provide a clear work space for our installers, this includes:
Removing knickknacks, draperies and all hardware
Move furniture – provide enough space so that our installers can properly drop cloth their work area
Remove window air conditioning units
Be sure to disconnect your alarm system, we suggest having this done professionally by you alarm company. Please note that Pace Window and Door will not be responsible for disconnecting or reconnecting your alarm system.

Q. What is the time frame for installation?

A. The Installation Department will contact you within approximately 6-8 weeks from your final measure to set up an installation date. The exception to this is special product orders, and you will be notified of this when you sign your contract.

Q. Who is responsible for obtaining building permits?

A. The homeowner is responsible for determining if their town requires building permits for window or door replacement and obtaining said permits. Pace will provide direction and contacts if necessary.

Q. What are the weather restraints on installation?

A. Pace installs all year round, however we do take weather into account during the installation. Winter installs are done with limiting the exposure of the interior to the outside. Rain or extreme weather will also be handled in the same manor. The installation department will make the determination on weather restraints and installation procedures and communicate necessary information to the homeowner on the day of installation.

Q. Do you need to be home on the day of the installation?

A. We always suggest that the homeowner is there on the day of the install. If other arrangements are necessary contact the Pace Installation Department.

Q. Who removes the debris after the installation?

A. Pace will remove all debris associated with the installation process including old windows.

Q. How do you make the final payment?

A. After signing the installation completion form you will pay the installer the remaining balance with check, cash or credit card. Please make your checks payable to Pace Window and Door and note your contract number on your check. If paying by credit card then list the number and expiration date on your installation completion form.

Q. When can I expect an appointment for a final technical measure?

A. Within 5-10 days of your finalized contract date our scheduling department will contact you.

Things To remember:
All measures are done between Monday and Friday 8-5pm, please call if special arrangements are necessary.
We give two hour windows for a measure appointment.
Windows measured will be based off of the contract signed

Q. What should I use to clean my new Pace Windows?

A. You can use a mild soap and water combination or any off the shelf glass cleaner.

Q. Who will teach us the basics on how to use our new Pace Windows?

A. After the installation has been completed the installer will demonstrate the features of your new windows.