Q. Is condensation the result of a manufacturing or installation defect?

A. There is no such thing as a condensation-free window. Even walls will "sweat" under conditions of high humidity. Remember that windows do not cause condensation; they simply prevent the moisture from escaping to the outside and serve as a highly visible surface where condensation can be easily noticed. If inside glass surfaces on double- or triple-glazed windows show excessive condensation, you can be reasonably sure that moisture is also collecting in your walls and ceilings. When outside condensation occurs, this does not mean your insulating glass unit is defective. In fact, it shows that the unit is doing its job - insulating the building from the environment.
Condensation is not occurring in the glass but on the outside. If there is moisture inside the window, then you have a seal failure in between the glass.

Q. Are the screens covered in my Pace Lifetime Risk-Free Warranty?

A. Screen mesh is covered in the warranty as long as the owner brings the screen to our showroom for re-screening.

Q. Does the Pace Lifetime Risk-Free Warranty Cover Glass breakage?

A. Yes, glass breakage is covered for the life of your home. The exception to that is acts of god, fire, flood, theft or anything that home owner’s insurance will cover.

Q. What can I do to help with condensation?

A. Most everyday activities produce water vapor. One shower produces a 1/2 pint of water vapor, a houseplant generates 1 pint of water vapor a day and one person's breathing produces 3 pints of water vapor per day. Although it's an uphill battle, there are a few things you can do to help control moisture levels in your home.

Use kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans.
If you have a humidifier, set it to correct outside temperature.
Properly vent clothes dryers, gas appliances, stoves, etc.
Make sure attic, basement and crawl spaces are well ventilated and free from obstructions.
Don't store firewood inside, a cord of wood can release 60 gallons of water.
Crack a window in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, during and after use.
Install energy-efficient windows.

Q. Is the Pace Lifetime Risk-Free warranty transferable to the second homeowner?

A. Yes, At no cost pace offers a trasferable warranty as long as title building stands.

Q. What is the lead time on service items?

A. General service and warranty items are at a 3 – 4 week lead time for scheduling.

Q. What causes condensation?

A. Under the right conditions, condensation can occur both inside and outside your home. The source of condensation, or "sweating" on windows and mirrors inside a home is caused by humidity, or invisible water vapor, present in virtually all air. When this water vapor comes in contact with a surface, which is at a temperature below what is called the "dew point," the vapor turns to visible droplets of liquid, or condenses on the cooler surface. This often happens to bathroom mirrors and walls after someone has taken a hot shower. Condensation can also occur on windows during the winter if the inside humidity level is high enough.

Q. If I have to call the service department, what information should I be prepared with?

A. In order to help you as quickly as possible, please be prepared to give our service department the following information:

Phone number
Installation date
Sales person
Contract and warranty number
Product issue
All information is listed in your warranty packet that you received approximately a week after the installation.